Gotham Squared was founded by two individuals that decided there were better ways to provide value in IT services than the status quo.  After years of watching customers get less than what they deserved, Gotham Squared was founded to right those wrongs.

Our Founders:

Javier Jones

Javier brings 20+ years of information technology, internet infrastructure, and team management experience to Gotham Squared and takes a hands on approach to every customer and project engagement. Having previously worked at Bluewolf for enterprises such as Playboy, Tory Burch, NYSE (NYFIX), DKNY, Bulova, Bimbo Bakeries, Duty Free Americas, Heineken, Hudson Group, Lincoln Center, Ogilvy, Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo Japan, G2, Vonage and other enterprise clients; he brings the experience to make sure you meet your goals in a fast changing landscape. Javier has been a champion of cloud computing since it’s very beginning and continues to help companies migrate to the cloud in a hands on approach with the Gotham team today.

In his spare time Javier enjoys reading, cooking, and history.

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Brad Johnson

Brad brings 20+ years of information technology experience in the software and application world. With project management experience at Mimeo, MediaRadar and eMarketer, Brad has stayed on the cutting edge of agile software development methodologies as well as cloud computing and advertising trends. Mr. Johnson was also the chief developer and architect of NYC Celebrity Poker and Casino which was built 100% in the cloud from scratch. Brad has extensive expertise in logistics and backend ETL processes in the shipping business and works with global businesses at Gotham to make sure their freight can be accurately tracked via GPS, modern mobile applications, and modern web applications. When millions of dollars are on the line, you want to know where your product is and Mr. Johnson takes a hands on approach to make sure it is accounted for.

In his spare time, Brad enjoys programming in fringe languages and spending time with his family.

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